Walnut Cracker, Stainless Alloy Nut Cutter


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  • ☑️ Multifunctional Nutcracker:- Easy cracking Walnut, Whole Almonds, hazelnut, brazil nuts and other Whole Nuts etc Easy to Use by Kids / Elders: This design makes cracking nuts easy without the need to use much power, great for kids and the elderly. The Funnel-Shaped Item Can Cover the Nuts’ Surface Well
  • ☑️ Material: Plated Aluminium Alloy AMR Walnut Cracker, Luxury Die Cast Alluminium Alloy Nutcracker Walnut Clamp Plier Portable Smart Walnut Pincers .
  • ☑️ Made of High Quality Aluminium Alloy: This durable nut cracker is made of heavy duty Aluminium Alloy with high-strength compression handles and won’t bend or rust. Multipurpose: It cHeavy duty spring loaded nutcracker – Easy cracking nuts, pecan, walnuts, hazelnut, almonds and brazil nuts, etc Can hold on tight for perfect cracking, Instead of whole metal handle that chill you hand, this wood handle cracker is your best choice to crack nuts in cold winter!an be used as Bottle Opener as well.
  • ☑️ COMFORTABLE – Beautiful & Sturdy DESIGN – V design and have a double lever action,Akhrot, Bottle, Pecans, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Hazelnuts Pista Opener
  • ☑️ The nuts can fit in the funnel-shaped item well,prevent the broken shell and save your time and strength;This product can also work as a bottle opener Save using this cracker without injuring yourself with traditional cracker and makes cracking nuts a lot of fun

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Luxury Die Cast Stainless Alloy Nut Cutter Walnut Clamp Plier Portable Smart Walnut Akhrot Pincers Bottle Opener for Pecans, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Hazelnuts Pista(Silver,Pack of 1)


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