ORTHICO Memory Foam Soft Coccyx Cushion For Tailbone Pain


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Colour Grey
Size Medium
Fill Material Memory Foam
Shape Rectangular
  • HOW TO USE A COCCYX CUSHION PILLOW – Place the coccyx cushion on the seat, as an office chair or kitchen chair. don’t place extra pillows underneath as the uneven angle may harm your back posture. it’s best to use the cushion with a seat that has back support. slouching while sitting on the cushion can hurt your lower back. . poor posture can contribute to tailbone pain. a coccyx pillow is thick ensure you have a footrest to maximize your comfort when using a coccyx cushion.
  • WHICH WAY DO YOU SIT ON A COCCYX CUSHION? You should sit on the foam cushion with proper back support. which is ideal for those who are sitting for the majority of the day. This cushion seat for chair can be placed as optimal support for sitting for long periods of time. If you are sitting in a wheelchair as the cushion will elevate your body a couple of inches. Lower the leg height as much as possible, as the soft cushion for sitting lifts the pelvis.
  • WHAT IS THE BEST CUSHION FOR COCCYX PAIN ? A pillow with a U-shaped cut-out reduces the direct weight your coccyx bears, which will lead to less coccyx pain. floor sitting cushions made out of memory foam are helpful for distributing your weight evenly & posture correction . this coccyx cushion for sitting on floor can relieve tailbone pain . Sitting on this chair seat cushion will support your hips, thus increasing spine stability and reducing pressure on your tailbone.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES : 1 chair pillows for sitting Colour Dark Grey Material: Memory Foam Dimensions 47.5x36x9 Cm.
  • EASY REPLACEMENT POLICY – If Not Satisfied With This Cushion pillow We Have A Full Refund Policy Even After The Return Window Closes Just Contact Our Customer Support And Its Done Now How Cool Is That


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